Sambalpuri Wave - Who we are?

Sambalpur in western Orissa is one of the most important cities that have a vivid cultural identity that has arrived from the strong association of the tribal and folks which have been coinciding in Sambalpur for centuries. The songs, dances, occasions, events, clothing, language and festivities commemorated in Sambalpur are incredible. The distinct festivals when hits the land of Sambalpur, then they are celebrated with great spirits. There is something mystical in the land of Sambalpur that’s why one can clearly witness harmony and brotherhood. It’s the distinct languages, cultures and religions that allow people to interact with each other more and more. Sambalpur being the most gorgeous city in western Orissa, festivals and languages are the highlights of this city.

We the Premium Sambalpuri Clothing Brand, we makes innovative designs mainly to explore our Sambalpuri Cultures, Traditions & Language.